Why are my trade line(s) showing Approval Pending?
When you submit a new trade line it goes into our cue to add into our inventory. Normal approval time is 24-48 hours. We’ll contact you if we need additional information, you may also or contact us.
When do I get Paid?
Every 16th of the month from any authorize user trade lines that report by the 30th of the prior month.
What does it take to qualify?
– No late payments

– Cards at least 6 months old

– Minimum 10% utilization on the card (Example: On $1,000 credit limit card, no more then $100 balance due is on the card at any given time)

– Maintain regular activity (small subscription works perfect)

Who determines how much I get paid per trade line?
You determine how much you would like to make. The lower you price them the more orders/faster they will sell the higher the longer it may take. We are happy to guide you on what pricing can make sense based on the card age and limit size.
What is the best way to contact support?
Our normal business hours are 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time you may also contact us here 24/7.
Is it legal?
There is widespread research and information validating that the practice of “piggybacking” is completely legal. Read the article by ABC News and come to your own conclusion.
How do I receive payment?
Whatever form of payment is convenient for you. We can mail you a check, wire, direct deposit or PayPal are the most common.
How do I know I received an order?
When a client submits an order our quality control department verifies the order and client information, verifies payment has cleared and once all is in order we release the order to you for approval/adding.

You will be sent an email notifying you have received an order. You can confirm the order on your cardholder dashboard 24/7. Our support department will monitor the buyer’s credit report for posting. You will be paid on the 16th following the posting of the trade line.